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What is FCF?


FCF is a project for building, maintaining and supporting an inclusive local community network. For this we want to create a large multi-purpose space where members of the local community can realize their ideas and where a range of community projects will be hosted.

Our reasons for initiating this project: the desire to counteract the growing economic and environmental challenges arising from a competition-based economy and the belief that positive change for the community needs to be developed by the community. For this to happen, we need to build and maintain inspiring spaces as a community.

We are located in the Serra da Estrela/Dão/Mondego region, near Fornos de Algodres. Our next steps are to set up a co-operative with an initial group of participants who are willing to invest some time and effort to get the project off the ground, and to find a suitable space to rent or buy.

Our goals

  • Promote innovative projects and research around sustainable agriculture, circular economy, renewable energies

  • Support small economic players and connect native and new communities in the region Serra da Estrela/Dão/Mondego

  • Create inclusive spaces and foster language learning among Portuguese speakers and foreign language speakers

  • Promote the networking of people and ideas to create opportunities - creative, economic, artistic, social, cultural - for the region

  • Help inhabitants of the region realize their projects and ideas

  • Support a vibrant local culture and promote local events

Spaces and activities

  • Indoor and outdoor space for concerts, markets, other large events

  • Tool library / tool rental

  • Spaces for workshops and in-person-learning events

  • Office and collaboration space for small businesses/freelancers/digital nomads

  • Rehearsal rooms

  • Workshop spaces (Wood, Metal, Electronics, CNC, Vehicles, Ceramics, Textiles)

  • Licensed Kitchen for commercial food processing activities

  • Café/Bar

  • Laundry/Showers

  • Food bank

  • Composting facility

  • Mushroom growing

  • Makerspace

  • Repair Café